My First Blog

Hello to everyone. Welcome to the first blog I have written since middle school, oh, so many years ago. For now I will just introduce myself.

My name is Jeremy Fountaine, I am a graduate student in Full Sail University’s Masters of Game Design degree program.

I want to make video games, I have loves games since I am a kid and I still do love games almost indiscriminately.

I am writing a Thesis about finding condition elements to include in video game content that will provide players with a sort of subconscious awareness of their actions and allow player to police themselves when interacting with other people in social games, focusing on interaction with female gamers.

Every week I am going to try to write about something recent in the industry, whether its a game review of something I decided to try, a new article I feel I can bring more attention or insight into, or something I experienced. 

I will limit my posts to 500 words or less, for those of us who have a bit of Browser ADD.


I like playing games, if you want to play with me sometime, shoot me a message, if you think there is a game I should play, shoot me message. Comment freely, I welcome debate.



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