Girls in Games: A Lesson From EVE Online

Eve Online

Eve Online

Hello again everyone,

In my never ending quest for more information about sexism in games and such, I stumbled upon this wonderful article about a women who has been playing the Massively Multiplayer Online Game EVE.  Rydis is one of the most prominent players in the game and is extremely successful despite, or in fact because of being a woman (this will be discussed). What the article highlights is simply how he felt about her position as a woman in gaming and seeming, an observation of the way she was treated as such. In her early years with an organization in the game she was given an offer of advancement (not terribly familiar with the way EVE works, sorry) in exchange for a picture of her boobs…She obliged, and was boosted for a bit.

What interested me here was how she was able to use her anatomy to her advantage. Oft the perception of gamers is a bunch of drooling nerds bumbling on the internet over any boobs they might see. Well, unfortunately for her, that’s the case.

So sure, this helped her out at first, but eventually, one can notice and change in peoples attitude, people want more “proof” that shes a girl. From what I gathered, this didn’t bother her too much, but it just shows how ravenous male gamers can be, it exhibits a certainty that women will be harassed if male games figure out that they are female.

“Female gamers are judged, harassed, and subjected to pressures to which male gamers can’t begin to relate.”

Rydis is a wonderful success story from the EVE gaming community, and I myself have known some wonderful women gamers in my days who have forged such an identity, but you have to wonder how many people pick up a game, deal with this harassment and realize that its not worth it. When you can’t speak into a mic, and share in the fun that everyone else gets to in co-op play, how long will you enjoy this game? Just some food for thought.

Also, Rydis has a delightful secret to her success despite her identity, you’ll have to read the full article here if you want to know more:


  1. Sadly enough there are a whole slew of Girl Gamers out there, some who have to keep their identity secret from all the mistreating men and boys they meet hence the reason you meet a female in game your never really sure if it is a girl because most of them have been treated so badly. Heck iAD did a show on Girl Gamers and even had a few interviews with a large following of Girl Gamers who were a blast.

  2. Yes, granted I believe a persons sex (or sexual identity) should really have no impact on how you treat them in a video game, yet there seems to be an odd taboo around girls who game, especially in the realm of shooters, I feel its a shame when someone (not just women) don’t feel comfortable using a mic for fear of harassment, and I feel its even worse when someone decides that playing a game they typically enjoy just isn’t worth it because every time they talk, they take crap for one reason or another. As a growing community and industry, chasing people away is one of the last things we want to do. 🙂

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